Kate Hardy

Pamela Christine Brooks was born on 11 Febrary 1966 in Essex, England, UK. She always loved books and could read before she went to school. She always knew that she wanted to be a writer, and her parents bought her a proper typewriter for her sixth birthday. Her first stories were all about ponies or outer space, but then she discovered Mills & Boon when she was 12 and decided this was what she wanted to do. Following a degree in English, she started work as an accountant, and hated every second of it! All the clients asked why she wasn't working in PR—so she went into marketing communications for the next 10 years. In between studying for two sets of professional exams, she continued to write short stories and novels. And her husband, Gerard, supported her every step of the way, even buying her first computer for her! When her son, Chris, was born in 1997, she decided to go freelance so she could spend time with her baby. She became a health journalist and copy editor but never lost her love of romance. When she was pregnant with her daughter, her husband suggested combining her two loves by writing medical romances. She started reading them and was instantly hooked. At six weeks old, Chloë spent her first Christmas in the hospital with bronchiolitis. The only way she could cope was to pretend it was happening to someone else—so she started writing A Baby of Her Own in longhand at Chloë's bedside. Her agent liked the first three chapters. So did Mills & Boon. The final manuscript was accepted on Chloë's first birthday, and published on Chloë's second birthday in 2002, under the pseudonym of Kate Hardy. In 2008, her novel Breakfast at Giovanni's won the Love Story of the Year by the Romantic Novelists' Association.

She lives just outside Norwich in the east of England with her husband, Gerry, their son and daughter and two mad spaniels. When she isn't writing medical romances or health articles, looking after the children or raising funds for Chris's school and cancer research, Kate enjoys relaxing with the family—going to the beach, playing games, reading stories and watching films. She also loves cooking and she reads a lot. She'd quite like to try rappelling, parascending and scuba diving, but as she's terribly clumsy, she thinks it's much safer to let her heroines do it for her….

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