J.K. Beck

Born Julia A. Beck on 1965 in Mountainview, California, but she grew up in Austin, Texas. Her father was an aeronautical engineer, and her mother worked as a secretary. After her graduation she worked as a lawyer during years. But when in 1995, she and her husband, Donald Kenner, moved from Los Angeles back to her hometown of Austin, she decided writing. She was published in 2000, and she quit the practice of law to write full time in 2004. She was the winner of Romantic Times' Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Contemporary Paranormal of 2001, the winner of the Reviewers International Organization's award for best romantic suspense of 2004 and best paranormal of 2005, and the winner of the National Readers' Choice Award for best mainstream book of 2005, and was also the two-time RITA finalist

When she's not writing, she loves spending time with her husband, her two daughters, her cats and with the neighborhood cats who tend to hang around her house.

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