Jennie Adams

Born in a small country town in New South Wales Australia, Jennie Adams enjoys an extended family as unique and diverse as those depicted in her books. She is an avid romance reader, particularly in the historical, paranormal and suspense romance sub-genres, Jennie is the self-confessed owner of an over-active imagination and plies it with enthusiasm in every way she can.

Jennie has travelled in America, trekked Australia’s Kosciusko National Park, lived and worked on a wheat/sheep farm, played piano at marriage ceremonies, sung in a choral production, and worked in jobs ranging from Legal transcription typist, to motor mechanic’s office assistant.

In her downtime Jennie tries to grow flowers, sends silly gifts to friends and family, is exploring new forms of musical entertainment, and endlessly studies the human condition wherever, in whatever form, and as often as she may do so.

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