Janette Kenny

For as long as Janette Kenny can remember, books were a vital part of her life, starting when both parents read to her every day before she could read. Her father always picked the fun "pulp" fiction (geared to her age, of course, and told in character) but he launched her love of history and Westerns. Her mother read her the classics, which were sometimes way over her head, but they opened her eyes to a world she could barely imagine, a world that took her around the globe into all walks of life. That was an awesome adventure to a Midwest farm girl in Kansas!

Reading became a fact of life with countless trips to the library, but her first introduction (or is that love/obsession?) to a specific genre came in her teens when she snuck into Grandma's attic and discovered her stash of Harlequin romances. It was a love at first read that has endured.

While researching her family genealogy—a predominately maternal/paternal mix of Welsh, Irish and Scots plus a sprinkling of Belgium and German—Janette's imagination took flight and the urge to tell her own stories was born. She hasn't looked back since she sold her first novel.

In her free time, which seems to shrink at an astounding speed, Janette loves to garden, cook, dabble in a variety of crafts—and of course read.

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