Harold & Tyler: Bravery ~ Janet Walton Dukes

Harold & Tyler: Bravery by Janet Walton Dukes

Harold & Tyler - "Bravery" begins Harold's journey to find acceptance among his peers. He is a loner, not of his own choosing, but, because he has been shunned by others that don't understand his disability. One day he sees a group of his peers playing in the park. They let him join in their game. Two good things happened to Harold on that day. The others learned that Harold likes to do and is able to do what they do. Also, Harold met Tyler, who became his best friend. Suddenly, the world didn't seem so lonely to Harold anymore.

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32 pages

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Kids (12 & Under)

Kids: Middle Grade




General Fiction


Social Issues - Friendship

Social Issues - Special Needs

Social Issues - Bullying