Greg Iles

Greg Iles

Before Greg Iles began his writing career, he was a musician. After graduating from University of Mississippi in 1983, Iles founded the band "Frankly Scarlet." After marrying his wife, Iles' musician lifestyle wasn't compatible with his new family. He began writing his first novel, Spandau Phoenix, about a Nazi war criminal. When he sold the manuscript, he got out of the music business for good.

Spandau Phoenix was published in 1993 and was the first of Iles' ten New York Times Bestsellers. Since then, his novels have been published in over twenty countries and translated in as many languages. Iles was recently in a serious car accident and is currently recovering. His next novel, The Bone Tree, is expected for release in 2012. He lives in Natchez, Mississippi with his family.

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