Fayrene Preston

Fayrene Preston was born in Texas, USA where she raised. Her high school years were straight out of the movie American Graffiti — good friends and that wonderful rock ‘n' roll. After high school, Fayrene attended college and earned an Associate degree in Business Administration.

Almost immediately afterward the university, she married a Navy man and for the next five years they traveled back and forth across America several times and lived on both coasts. Although the marriage didn't last, she was blessed with two completely wonderful sons, both grown now, and the most beautiful little granddaughter you've ever seen in your life!

She counts herself as very lucky. Books have always been an important part of her life, and now she gets to make her living by writing them. She can't think of anything to make one happier. She published her debut novel as Jaelyn Conlee in 1982, now continued writing as Fayrene Preston.

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Reissues -- Writing as Fayrene Preston

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