Dorothy Cork

As an author for Mills and Boon and later for Harlequin Romance, Dorothy Cork wrote 38 romance novels. She was born in 1918 and is still alive.

Her first book was published in 1965 and the last in 1985. A number of her romances were written in the years when she and her artist husband Maurice travelled in Western Europe (1972 - 1974). She wrote sitting in the back of the camper van - inspired by the settings around her.

There were stories set in Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Morocco and France. However the majority were set in Australia and she travelled extensively to research her backgrounds in Outback Australia. I imagine she drew on her experiences as a young teacher in country Australia (places like Moree) to better capture the atmosphere of the Outback.

In addition to her fiction writing, she wrote a great deal of beautiful poetry. She was encouraged in her poetry writing by her grandfather who was the first graduate of Sydney University to hold a Chair. (He was Professor of Latin.) He encouraged her to "cultivate the muse".

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