Orbiting Omega ~ Don Pendleton

Orbiting Omega by Don Pendleton

Red Alert: The World

Midnight. Suddenly the Moscow sky bursts into broad daylight. Eight hours later a similar flash also bathes Washington, D.C., in its glaring spill.

Twenty-five thousand miles above the two capitals, exploding hydrogen warheads have ruptured the night. In the name of peace, a misguided U.S. scientist has cracked the access code to an orbiting missile and detonated two of its M IRV warheads.

And that is just a warning.

Mack Bolan, destined to patrol the desolate hinterland of terrorism, learns of this horrifying event from a secret link. Thermonuclear doom! The words echo in The Executioner's mind as he assaults the scientist's hissing snakepit.

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