On The Beach at Poi PU ~ Don March

The Ironman Triathlon draws three related couples together on the Hawaiian Islands, Kate and Josh, Mike and Tammy and Dan and Allie. The story focuses around Tammy whose perfect world is shattered and she searches for love, her need to feel love in the rubble of her falsely portrayed perfect marriage.
Kate’s participation in the Hawaiian Ironman brings them all to the Big Island. Kate is focused on training, her whole life is training, and Josh, her husband is focused on being casual, computers, video games, good drink and good food. Mike and Tammy they live behind a facade of a perfect marriage, Mike is Kate’s brother and Mike is a long repressed gay man and the stress of keeping up that perfect facade has placed Tammy on the brink of emotional collapse. Allie is Kate and Mike’s aunt, she hungers for the good life always comparing her life to others especially Mike and Tammy’s and everyone’s grass is always greener. Dan, Allie’s husband prefers the simple life and despite money problems he makes the trip because Allie demands it. Their marriage has many problems, but Dan hopes a couple weeks in paradise will bring them together. Tammy’s perfect life is shattered, played out against the backdrop of the Hawaiian Ironman. As with all my “On the Beach” books, this is a fun book, a book that will take you for a fun little ride and leave you with a good feeling in the end. Some people might call it a romance novel, some call it a romance novel for men and some people describe it as commercial fiction; I call it, a nice little escapism fantasy.

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