Absolution: On The Beach at Kualoa ~ Don March

Absolution is a story about a vampire, Jonathan Pfau, his search for absolution and the vampires of Hawaii. Jonathan was turned in the 1600's, while trapping for furs and exploring the wilderness of New France. New France was what is now present day central Illinois. His existence in the wilderness of the New World made him a very different vampire, eventually consuming him with the notion of absolution. With the hope absolution would return his stolen humanity. Our story starts at what Jonathan sees as his last chance for absolution, in 1973, in a church in Boston, a church that is known for the many miracles that has occurred within its walls. Atlas, that attempt at absolution fails. Thirty years later, he finds new hope after a chance encounter with black sand from Hawaii. He is compelled to travel to Hawaii to seek his absolution.
On Hawaii he discovers three hidden covens, three clans of vampires who are in a long and shaky truce, a hidden history of the island, a japanese invasion the day after Pearl Harbor and mystical creatures of Hawaiian legend. The Mystical creatues seem to be intent on stopping Jonathan from finding his absolution on the beach at Kauloa,

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