Temptation's Trail ~ Dana Ransom

Temptation's Trail by Dana Ransom

When Amanda Duncan headsd West to find her missing brother, she knew she was a little out of her element.Her privileged upbringing in a fancy boarding school hadn't prepared her for the perlis of frontier Texas. So she made a plan-all she had to do was hire a hero. BUt when legendary gunslinger Harmon Bass showed up, he wasn't what she expected at all. True, he was gorgeous beyound belief, but he was also unarmed! What kind of hero didn't carry a gun?

Rugged half-breed Harmon Bass needed a job that paid well and disguised his true mission. What ha got was an irritating and irresistible trail partner who could not ride, shoot or keep quiet! Yet with every move she made, he wanted her more! Maybe it was Amanda's sheer pluck...or unexpected courage...or the way her beautiful brown eyes glowed with sensual fire.Here was a woman to tempt and torment him-the woman he'd been waiting for all of his life. Now, as he and the feisty eastern beauty crossed a wilderness dogged by crooked lawmen and avenging outlaws, Harm only prayed they lived long enough to clam the love that waited at the end of...TEMTATION'S TRAIL
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Nineteenth Century

American West




Historical Romance


Virgin Hero

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Native Americans


Virgin hero