Project Pope ~ Clifford D. Simak

Project Pope by Clifford D. Simak


On the Rim planet fittingly called The End of Everything, a bizarre society of robots and humans toiled for a thousand years to perfect a religion that would create a new and all-embracing faith--no novelty in a galaxy crowded with religions. But one project was hidden from the hordes of pilgrims welcomed at Vatican-17 Trained human sensitives were sending their minds ranging through all of time and space, gathering all the information that could exist. With that information, a computer of infinite knowledge, wisdom and infallibility was being constructed in secret--the ultimate Pope.

But now, the project is being threatened by a young woman journalist on the trail of a sensational story... and, even more incredibly, by one of the searcher sensitives who, while drifting in unsuspected dimensions, claims to have encountered Heaven!

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313 pages


Speculative Fiction


Science Fiction