One Good Turn ~ Carla Kelly

One Good Turn by Carla Kelly

A Second Chance

Benedict Nesbitt, the Seventh Duke of Knaresborough, has resigned himself to a life of solitude. The woman he'd loved for years just married one of his best friends. And so, in the noble tradition of resignation, he is heading back home to look after his niece and work on his stiff upper lip...

But on the way he agrees to give a ride to a poor Spanish woman and her child. And though they appear to have nothing, Liria Valencia's self assurance is stronger and more genuine than any he's known in his whole upper crust life. There's certainly more to this single mother than meets the eye. But could she be Benedict's second chance at love? Only if they can see past their differences. And that will require delving into a complicated and painful past...

2001 AAR Favorite Regency

2001 AAR Most-Hanky Read

2001 RRA Best All-Around Romance

2001 RRA Best Regency Romance (Traditional)

2004 AAR Top 100 Romances #79

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No one writes traditional Regencies like Carla Kelly. No ballrooms, no Almacks, just great storytelling. Kelly's books usually feature military characters and this book is no exception. The main characters are wounded souls who finally find peace with each other.


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Nesbitt - 2

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Nineteenth Century







Traditional Regency