Candace Camp Series List      


Aincourt's Hearts

1 Historical RomanceFeb-2002 Buy
2 Historical RomanceAug-2002 Buy
3 Historical RomanceFeb-2003 Buy

Legend of St. Dwynwen

1 Historical RomanceOct-2011 Buy
2 Historical RomanceJun-2012 Buy
3 Historical RomanceApr-2013 Buy

A Little Town in Texas

1 SIM-1081Contemporary RomanceJun-2001 Buy
2 SIM-1153Contemporary RomanceJun-2002 Buy

The Lost Heirs

1 Historical RomanceMar-2000 Buy
2 Historical RomanceAug-2000 Buy
3 Historical RomanceFeb-2001 Buy

The Matchmakers

1 Historical RomanceOct-2005 Buy
2 Historical RomanceMar-2008 Buy
3 Historical RomanceOct-2007 Buy
4 Historical RomanceFeb-2009 Buy

Moreland Family

1 Historical RomanceOct-2003 Buy
2 Historical RomanceApr-2004 Buy
3 Historical RomanceOct-2004 Buy
4 Historical RomanceJul-2005 Buy

Secrets of the Loch

1 Historical RomanceJun-2014 Buy
2 Historical RomanceMar-2015 Buy

Tyrell's Lilies

1 Historical RomanceJul-1993 Buy
2 Historical RomanceJun-1994 Buy


1 Historical RomanceMay-2010 Buy
2 Historical RomanceMay-2010 Buy
3 Historical RomanceMar-2011 Buy