Bronwyn Williams

Bronwyn Williams was born with a multiple personality. One half of her was in Winston-Salem, N.C. and the other half was in Cape May, N.J. The Winston-Salem half had been writing contemporary romances for a number of years while the Cape May half had been piling up rejection slips.

When Mary Williams in New Jersey called her sister, Dixie Browning, and suggested that she write a historical romance, Dixie was reluctant; using the excuse of a limited attention span and a distaste for lengthy research. It quickly became evident that Dixie's shortcomings were Mary's strengths. Thus a perfect right brain/left brain team was formed. Bronwyn Williams' first Harlequin Historical novel, WHITE WITCH, was published in 1988 while Mary was still living in Cape May with her Coast Guard husband, she sent Dixie a photograph of the banner she had strung across the front of her entire house proclaiming, "We're Published!"

Some 18 historical novels later, the process continues to vary. Ideas come from both, rough plots are mapped out by Mary, torn apart by Dixie, and reassembled by both. The actual writing is done by Dixie, the research and no-holds-barred editing by Mary, and the final critique by their sister, Sara Shoemaker. Invariably, by the time Dixie types The End to one story, Mary has another proposal all ready for review.

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