Stay with Me ~ Beverly Long

Stay with Me by Beverly Long

Something strange has happened to Sarah Jane Tremont...

One moment, she was walking along a beach outside Los Angeles, contemplating her future. The next, she was wandering through an unfamiliar wilderness...

Confused and exhausted, she stumbles upon a small farmstead, where she's taken in by a handsome, rugged man who behaves as if he knows her--and isn't exactly her number one fan. Soon Sarah learns not only where she is, but also when she is: Wyoming Territory, 1888. Her host's name is John Beckett. He's an authentic cowboy--but there's clearly a case of mistaken identity going on, because even though he's agreed to help her, he's holding on to one mighty big grudge.

Sarah believes that the reason she was sent back in time is to heal John's wounded heart. But first she must convince him to see her for who she truly is...

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310 pages

time period

19th Century

American West




Paranormal Romance


Time Travel

people / creatures



Romance - Time Travel

Romance - Western