Rebel Passion ~ Betina Krahn

Rebel Passion by Betina Krahn

Aria Dunning slapped Tynan Rutland's handsome face with great satisfaction. The beautiful colonist was not about to sacrifice her virtue just so her royalist father could marry her off to an unscrupulous English earl. Rutland would never wed her--he'd toy with her body and her heart, then toss her aside with a contemptuous flash of his steel-gray eyes. Aria vowed not to succumb to his arrogant seduction... no matter how much she craved the savage power of his embrace!

Rutland stalked his golden-haired prey like the experienced hunter he was. She was defiant, she was stubborn, and he'd have her just the same. He would mold her soft curves to his lean, muscular frame and silence her protests with a fiery kiss. He'd teach her what a sweet victory surrender could bring. Her full red lips would sigh her pleasure, her brilliant emerald eyes would darken with desire, and she would be his for a lifetime of love's Rebel Passion

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463 pages

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time period

Eighteenth Century

American Revolution




Historical Romance


American Revolution, open library, Seduction