Anne Perry Series List      

Anne Perry Book List

A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Mystery

1 Historical MysteryJun-1979 Buy
2 Historical MysteryJan-1980 Buy
3 Historical MysteryJan-1981 Buy
4 Historical MysteryOct-1981 Buy
5 Historical MysteryAug-1983 Buy
6 Historical MysteryNov-1984 Buy
7 Historical MysteryOct-1985 Buy
8 Historical MysteryFeb-1987 Buy
9 Historical MysteryAug-1988 Buy
10 Historical MysteryJun-1990 Buy
11 Historical Mystery1991 Buy
12 Historical MysteryApr-1992 Buy
13 Historical MysteryApr-1993 Buy
14 Historical MysteryAug-1994 Buy
15 Historical MysteryMar-1995 Buy
16 Historical MysteryMar-1996 Buy
17 Historical MysteryMar-1997 Buy
18 Historical MysteryApr-1998 Buy
19 Historical MysteryJul-1998 Buy
20 Historical MysteryApr-2000 Buy
21 Historical MysteryFeb-2001 Buy
22 Historical MysteryFeb-2002 Buy
23 Historical MysteryFeb-2003 Buy
24 Historical MysteryMar-2005 Buy
25 Historical MysteryNov-2005 Buy
26 Historical MysteryApr-2008 Buy
27 Historical MysteryNov-2008 Buy
28 Historical MysteryApr-2011 Buy
29 Historical MysteryApr-2012 Buy
30 Historical MysteryApr-2013 Buy
31 Historical MysteryMar-2014 Buy
32 Historical MysteryApr-2015 Buy

The Christmas Stories

SuspenseOct-2004 Buy
SuspenseNov-2006 Buy
SuspenseNov-2007 Buy
General FictionNov-2009 Buy
General FictionNov-2010 Buy
HistoricalOct-2011 Buy
Historical MysteryNov-2012 Buy
Historical MysteryNov-2013 Buy

Henry Rathbone

Historical MysteryAug-1993 Buy
Historical MysteryAug-1994 Buy
Historical MysteryOct-1996 Buy
Historical MysterySep-1998 Buy
SuspenseOct-2004 Buy
General FictionNov-2010 Buy

Lady Vespasia Cumming-Gould

SuspenseNov-2003 Buy
1 (ss) SuspenseDec-1999 Buy


1 FantasySep-2002 Buy
2 FantasyAug-2003 Buy

A William Monk Novel

1 Historical Mystery1990 Buy
2 Historical Mystery1991 Buy
3 Historical MysterySep-1992 Buy
4 Historical MysteryAug-1993 Buy
5 Historical MysteryAug-1994 Buy
6 Historical MysterySep-1995 Buy
7 Historical MysteryOct-1996 Buy
8 Historical MysteryOct-1997 Buy
9 Historical MysterySep-1998 Buy
10 Historical MysteryOct-1999 Buy
11 Historical MysteryOct-2000 Buy
12 Historical MysteryOct-2001 Buy
13 Historical MysteryOct-2002 Buy
14 Historical MysteryApr-2004 Buy
15 Historical MysteryApr-2006 Buy
16 Historical MysteryApr-2009 Buy
17 Historical MysteryAug-2011 Buy
18 Historical MysterySep-2012 Buy
19 Historical MysterySep-2013 Buy
20 Historical MysterySep-2014 Buy
21 Historical MysterySep-2015 Buy

World War One

1 SuspenseSep-2003 Buy
2 SuspenseSep-2004 Buy
3 SuspenseAug-2005 Buy
4 Historical MysteryMar-2007 Buy
5 SuspenseApr-2007 Buy