Anne Gracie

Growing up, Anne Gracie always loved stories. Her family told her while she was growing up, she told the family pets stories while playing in the sandbox. Gracie also read voraciously, favoring authors such as Jane Austen and Richard Llewellyn. Gracie taught English and encouraged others to write, but seemed to have lost it for herself until a backpacking trip sparked a novel written in notebooks.

While the novel never made it past the notebooks, Gracie began writing again and discovered romance. Her novels have been translated into many languages and published in Belgium, Thailand and The Czech Republic, just to name a few. She has won numerous awards including the 2001 National Readers' Choice Award for Gallant Waif and To Catch A Bride was listed as a 2009 Best Book by the Library Journal. Gracie continues to teach focusing mainly on teaching adults how to read and write which she finds greatly rewarding. In her spare time, she enjoys beekeeping and playing with her new puppy, Chloe.

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