Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell was born in Brisbane, Australia, and grew up on an avocado farm with views of Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island. After various jobs and as much travel as she could afford, including a stay of several years in the United Kingdom, she has now settled near the sea on the east coast of Australia.

Anna decided to become a writer shortly after she learned to walk. Then she discovered romance novels and realized she just had to be a romance writer and tell stories about love and hope and triumph through adversity, not forgetting gorgeous, passionate men. She got an idea for her first novel: a dark, sexy Regency historical about a duke who wants to marry his mistress, London's most notorious courtesan. And No Ordinary Duchess, which Avon released in April 2007 as Claiming the Courtesan, was born. Since then, she continues publishing. Her stories has been released in Australia, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Russia.

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