The Last Lovely City ~ Alice Adams

The Last Lovely City by Alice Adams

Few writers interpret the depth and range of human experience as honestly as Alice Adams. A storyteller whose work "recall[s] such past masters as Flannery O'Connor and Katherine Mansfield" (Newsweek), Adams' stunning new set of short stories further charts the emotional minefield of companionship, sex, memory, and forgiveness. Presented in two parts, the collection moves from San Francisco to North Carolina to Mexico to Hawaii, delivering thirteen powerful stories that are sensitive, rich, amd wise, yet surprisingly unsentimental. "The Last Lovely City" is a masterful exploration of the tattered remnants of passion, of innocence too cheaply bartered for experience, and of old lovers and old lives that never quite get left behind.

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Alice Adams Book List


Feb-1999 (hardcover)

Feb-2000 (paperback)

191 pages


General Fiction


Short Stories (single author)

Contemporary Women